Yahoo Claims “Pokemon Is Killing Nintendo Because It Is Selling Too Well”

An odd article has popped up online, thanks to Yahoo. The article states that the Pokemon franchise is killing Nintendo simply because it’s selling too well and enables the company to keep its head in the sand. The publication suggests that Nintendo needs to get with the  times and put its beloved franchises on smartphones and tablets as its missing out on billions of dollars in new revenue and depriving a generation from playing their much-loved games.

Game Boy Advance Emulator Made An Appearance On The Apple App Store

game_boy_advanceFor a short time, a Game Boy Advance emulator appeared in Apple’s App Store for $1.99. The emulator, which was disguised as a baby name generator application called “Awesome Baby Names,” made it possible to play Game Boy Advance games on an iPhone or iPod Touch without having to jailbreak the device. Don’t bother searching for Awesome Baby Names, as it has been rightfully removed today from the App Store and is no longer available for download. Are you itching to play Game Boy Advance titles? The Virtual Console service on Wii U will eventually offer Game Boy Advance games, so try to be patient!

Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy: All The Bravest For iOS Platforms

final_fantasy_all_the_bravestfinal_fantasy_all_the_bravest_charactersToward the end of last year, Square Enix registered a couple domain names – and – that left gamers hoping Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was on its way to the West. It turns out the domain names have nothing to do with the publisher’s Nintendo 3DS role-playing game. Instead, Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, an action role-playing game that pays tribute to the entire Final Fantasy series, for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The iOS game releases tomorrow, January 17th, in the App Store and will cost $3.99.

Cnet: iPhone “Getting Awfully Close” To Trump PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS’ Hardware

According to Cnet Senior Editor Scott Stein, even though it still lacks built-in physical buttons and analog sticks, the recently released iPhone 5 is the best gaming phone. Stein believes the iPhone is “getting awfully close” to trump the hardware of both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Stein also claims that gamers may hate to admit it, but Apple’s iPhone was always a great gaming handheld.

Back before the iPhone 5 was a known quantity, back before we even knew it was definitely going to have a larger screen, the iPhone was already a great gaming handheld. Millions of people know that. Gamers may hate to admit it, because the iPhone lacks physical buttons. It doesn’t matter.

What the iPhone did to mobile gaming has reverberated across the industry, forcing the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita into catch-up mode, battling for second and third place. Free-to-play and the very concept of redownloadable gaming apps — not to mention the rebirth of indie development — can all be traced to Apple’s App Store and this little handheld device.

How does the iPhone 5 compare as a gaming handheld? It’s the best Apple’s ever had, but it may be the best any phone maker’s ever made, too.That’s not to say the iPhone doesn’t have a few issues. Its lack of physical buttons and that smaller screen began to feel cramped compared with the latest handhelds from Nintendo and Sony. Physical buttons or no, the screen of many iPhone games can become riddled with virtual, cluttered button dashboards. Some elegant games bypass this, but many don’t.

The World Ends With You Sequel Teased In iOS Remake

A couple days ago, director Tatsuya Kando promised that Square Enix is working on new developments for The World Ends With You but didn’t specify what they are. Based on an image that was first seen toward the end of the credits of the iOS version of the game, a sequel to The World Ends With You is supposedly confirmed to be in development. Which platform(s) do you think the sequel will be for?

The World Ends With You Teaser Site’s Surprise Leaked

The World Ends With You’s teaser site is still counting down prior to a reveal, but Square Enix may have accidentally spoiled its own surprise. A new The World Ends With You soundtrack is listed on the publisher’s online store, which mentions that a version of the game will launch for iOS devices later this year. It looks like The World Ends With You will no longer be exclusive to Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld, the Nintendo DS.

Brand-New Pokemon Clone Coming To App Store

The latest Pokémon games are selling well in Japan, and a developer wants some the franchise’s success by releasing Little Masters – another game that tries to mimic Pokémon, without actually featuring any of Nintendo’s pocket monsters. The Pokémon clone, if approved, will soon be released on the App Store. Based on the images shown above, Little Masters looks strikingly similar to the core Pokémon games. Earlier this year, Apple approved a Pokémon game, which turned out to be a complete scam – will Little Masters be given an OK?

“The game [Little Masters] will be free-to-play with paid currency. However you will also be able to earn the currency by battling your friends. The more friends you play with, the more you can get. The first version of the game has already been submitted to the App Store for review and should be available soon.”