Famitsu Reveals Ganondorf Will Get New Moveset In Hyrule Warriors Legends

Neogaf user, Ryce, has revealed that according to this week’s copy of Famitsu, Ganondorf will be getting a new lightning-based trident moveset in the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Apparently, this moveset will also be transferable to the Wii U version of the game once released. This news may also be covered in next week’s Hyrule Warriors Legends video.


Nintendo Games Dominate NeoGAF’s Best Video Games Of 2014

2014 was certainly a good year for Nintendo fans as we had titles such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2, among others. There’s no getting away from the fact that these are quality titles and have therefore dominated NeoGAF’s best video games of 2014. The winner of the best video game of 2014 was Platinum Games action packed Bayonetta 2 which was followed by Mario Kart 8 and then Super Smash Bros. You can check out their choices for Game of the Year 2014, here.

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More Diddy Kong Racing 2 Rumours Pop Up

You’ve already heard the rather exciting rumour relating to Retro Studios and Monster Games resurrecting the Diddy Kong Racing franchise, now more information about the title has surfaced online. The sources can’t be verified, but a couple of members of NeoGAF claim they have insider knowledge of the project. You can read their thoughts, here.

“DKR2 to be released in 2016, codeveloped by monster and retro. monster is handling the 3ds version while retro takes care of the wii u.”

“It has a longer development cycle than usual because it will be the first ‘unified’ game (ala Smash Bros) produced by Nintendo of America. it is far and away Nintendo of America’s largest project to date. All NoA hands are on deck, including redmond’s NST”

  • Tanabe is a key player and is largely responsible for making this all happen
  • Amiibo’s were critical in reviving NoJs interest in DKR2. internal forecasts show Amiibo’s will sell like hotcakes and nintendo is going to make amiibos of nearly every franchise they have ever owned. one major objective of the game is to boost the popularity of lesser known franchises in order to push amiibos

“I’m gonna have to finally come out and be “that guy” in this thread.
Never thought this would be something I could say, but I have a line of communication with Monster, and while I can’t confirm 100% it’s DKR2, I can confirm, perhaps well outside my comfort level, that they’re working on something for the WiiU that is pretty much talked about by everyone involved as the most exciting thing to be done on WiiU yet, and that they are certain it’s going to blow people away upon reveal. I genuinely wasn’t told details because while I may want to know, I don’t trust myself with that much knowledge, so it’s likely best they didn’t either.”

“More fuel to the fire; Nintendo might have bought Timber in Oct 2012″

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Latest Nintendo 3DS Update Making Games Run Smoother?


Diggeh from the Neogaf forums is reporting that the latest Nintendo 3DS system update is making a number of his existing games run a lot smoother. Diggeh says that Rayman Origins has been transformed from a sluggish game into a very smooth platformer. He has also tested out a number of other Nintendo 3DS games including Ridge Racer and Sonic Generations, both of which he says have been improved. Have you noticed any improvements to the games after downloading the latest system update?

Wii U GamePad Could Cost You At Least $140 To Replace

wii_u_gamepad_blackThe Wii U GamePad of NeoGAF member nbthedude was, unfortunately, misplaced. The controller, which features a 6.2-inch touchscreen, was never found, so the owner ordered a replacement from Nintendo. To his or her surprise, the owner had to pay over $150 to receive a replacement – the price was accumulated from the cost of the controller itself, sales tax and a shipping charge. If your Wii U GamePad is misplaced, your only option is to order a replacement directly from Nintendo, as the new controllers aren’t currently sold as stand alone products in stores.

Wii U Virtual Console To Be Revealed During Today’s Nintendo Direct?

Wii_U_GamePadBased on the source code for the Nintendo Direct page in the UK, NeoGAF member Aquamarine is certain that Wii U Virtual Console will be revealed today, during the Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct. Aquamarine claims that “Virtual Console (Wii U)” was recently added to the Nintendo web page. This is not too far-fetched, as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata yesterday confirmed that he will talk about Nintendo-developed services during the online presentation, which airs January 23rd, at 9 a.m. ET.

Nintendo Network ID Will Be Deleted If Nintendo Finds Out A Minor Is Using That Account Without Parental Consent?

nintendo_networkThe Nintendo Network ID of NeoGAF member suikodan was apparently deleted, because his or her young niece posted a drawing onto his or her Miiverse account. Because the niece wanted to get credit for her drawing, she asked suikodan to specify the drawing was made by her, a 10-year-old.

Apparently, after Miiverse moderators saw the girl’s post, suikodan’s Nintendo Network ID was deleted, as “children need parental consent to create an account online.” After the incident, the NeoGAF member explained what had happened to a Nintendo representative, who assured that he or she will be able to re-download games that were previously purchased in the Nintendo eShop via that account.