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UK Wii U Mario Mega Bundle Advert

Nintendo has released a Mario mega bundle in the UK for the Wii U, including the Wii U premium system, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, a Mario hat, and a Mario Wii Remote Plus for the mere sum of £299.99. The bundle is available exclusively at the online Nintendo UK Store. Do you think something of the sort should be the standard as far as Wii U bundles go worldwide? Would it help drive sales? Let us know in the comments.

New Wii U Deluxe Bundle In Japan Comes Packaged With Wii Party U And NSMBU

instant play bundle

A new Wii U Deluxe bundle will be released in Japan, called the Instant Play Family Premium Set. Nintendo’s latest bundle for its struggling console comes packaged with a host of items, including the standard gamepad, a MotionPlus Wiimote, a 30-day code for Wii Karaoke U, as well as Wii Party U and New Super Mario Bros. U pre-loaded onto the console. Although the Instant Play Bundle does not come with Nintendo Land, it will retail for only 32,800 yen, or $332, which is only 1300 yen ($318) above the standard Wii U Deluxe package. Gamers in Japan will also have the option of spending 34,800 yen to get an Instant Play bundle that comes with Wii Fit U.

Rumors had emerged a week ago about a possible bundle that would include New Super Mario Bros. U, and although this announcement of the Japanese bundle does not explain the supposed European one that also comes with New Super Luigi U, it certainly lends credence to the idea. The news of the Instant Play bundle comes right on the heels of another Wii U bundle release, as the Wind Waker HD Deluxe Wii U Bundle launched on September 20th.

New Super Mario Bros. U Update Allows Wii U Pro Controller Use

newsupermariobroswii4For those that have yet to download Luigi’s new adventures in New Super Luigi U today, Nintendo has gently reminded fans that if you own New Super Mario Bros. U you can now update your game to play with the Wii U pro controller. In a post on Miiverse, the director of New Super Mario Bros. U Takemoto said the following:

“Hello, this is Takemoto, the director of New SUPER MARIO BROS. U. An update for the game has been made available to go with the release of New SUPER LUIGI U. With this update, you can now purchase the New SUPER LUIGI U add-on content from within the game, and play using the Wii U Pro Controller. We’ve also opened a New SUPER LUIGI U community on Miiverse, so feel free to share your thoughts about Luigi, Nabbit, or anything else related to the game!”

New Super Mario Bros U Patch Coming With Pro Controller Support Added


Nintendo has announced that it is bringing out another New Super Mario Bros U patch, but this time it includes support for the Wii U Pro Controller. The patch is expected to arrive around the same time as New Super Luigi U – which is the downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U. The patch also allows you to purchase New Super Luigi U within New Super Mario Bros U, so you don’t need to go to the eShop to purchase it.

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Amazon Lists “New Super Luigi” For Nintendo 3DS


Amazon has put up a listing of “New Super Luigi” for the Nintendo 3DS. The game the online retailer is referring to is actually called New Super Luigi U, and it’s not a Nintendo 3DS game – it’s not even a full game; it’s downloadable content for people who own a copy of Wii U-exclusive New Super Mario Bros. U. When New Super Luigi U is released later this year, Luigi will be able to traverse through levels that were specifically designed for his abilities.

Update Released For New Super Mario Bros U


Nintendo has released an update for New Super Mario Bros U. The update now sends in-game posts that you and others create to a dedicated New Super Mario Bros. U community. Nintendo has now created two Miiverse communities for New Super Mario Bros U. The new community is designated specifically for in-game posts, while the other is designed for general talk about New Super Mario Bros U. The update changes the game’s version to v1.2.0.

Luigi Won’t Get His Own Storyline In Super Luigi U DLC


Miyamoto has revealed that everyone’s favourite sidekick, Luigi, won’t be getting his own storyline in the forthcoming Super Luigi U downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U. Miyamoto says that he won’t have his own story, but the levels have been redesigned specifically for him. Miyamoto was also asked whether or not Mario will feature in the DLC, to which he replied “I can’t say yet”.

In “Super Luigi U,” does Luigi have his own storyline, or does he just have the levels available to him?

Miyamoto: He doesn’t get his own story, but all of the levels have been redesigned for Luigi, so it should be a pretty good role for him.

Multiplayer: Does Mario make an appearance at all?

Miyamoto: I can’t say yet.

There are some people that say that they want Mario to appear, but Mr. Tezuka is saying that he’s not going to let Mario into this game.

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Nintendo Land And New Super Mario Bros U Both Sell Over 2 Million Worldwide


Nintendo has announced that both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide since launch last year. By the end of December, Nintendo Land sales reached 2 million while New Super Mario Bros U sales were over 2.3 million. Nintendo also revealed that they expect to sell four million Wii U consoles by the end of March.