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Nintendo Has Talked About Cross-Buy For Wii U And 3DS, But Nothing Official Yet

In a new interview, Dan Adelman, manager of business development licensing at Nintendo, has revealed that there has been some talk at the company of the implementation of “cross-buy”, but nothing definite has been decided upon as of yet. Cross-buy is a policy utilized by Steam and Playstation Network, whereby gamers who purchase a title with one of those companies […]

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No Paid Feature Slots In eShops Among Benefits Of Publishing On Nintendo Consoles

Ed Valiente, Business Development Manager at Nintendo of Europe, has been making more waves at the Indie Games Collective event in London. In addition to the announcement of Miiverse on 3DS, Valiente has taken the time to outline several of the benefits of publishing on Nintendo eShops. Foremost on the list is Nintendo’s policy that publishers cannot pay for featured […]

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New Interview Reveals Nintendo Is Working Hard To Boost Indie Cred

In a new interview with Polygon, Nintendo’s manager of business development licensing, Dan Adelman, as well senior manager of licensing marketing, Damon Baker, discuss the company’s policies for finding and cultivating independent developers for Nintendo consoles. Adelman admits that certain policies from the WiiWare days, like the requirement to work out of an office rather than from home, stifled Nintendo’s […]

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Kickstarter Project Candle Officially Coming To Wii U

Described as a dynamic graphic adventure, Kickstarter project Candle is officially coming to the Wii U. Developed by Spanish team Teku Studios, the indie platformer has outstanding hand-drawn visuals made up from watercolours and ink, as well as unique gameplay focusing primarily on the use of candlelight. By guiding the main character Teku, you use his candle, rather than his […]

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Project Cider Coming To Wii U, Astrogun Confirmed As System Developer

Here’s another indie title to feast your eyes on as Project Cider has been officially confirmed as heading to the Wii U. Developed by Astrogun – now a licensed Wii U developer – and described as a mythic, sci-fi, action adventure game, Project Cider is a work-in-progress but nevertheless will be released on Nintendo’s home console. Astrogun’s founder Xander Davis […]

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Kickstarter Funded J-RPG Soul Saga To Hit Wii U

There’s another indie game about to hit the Wii U eShop after it successfully reached its Kickstarter funding goal today. Developed by Disaster Cake, Soul Saga – a story driven J-RPG which takes its inspiration from such games as Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire – is set to officially release on the Wii U and take advantage of the […]

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Nintendo ‘Making A Big Move’ To Help Indie Devs

Nintendo has had its fair share of knockbacks when it comes to the fickle industry, but there is one aspect the company is making a big effort to catch up for lost time – its relationship with indie games developers. According to Capybara Games’ co-founder Nathan Vella – who brought the great Might and Magic Clash of Heroes to the […]