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3DS 40

Latest Nintendo 3DS Update Making Games Run Smoother?

Diggeh from the Neogaf forums is reporting that the latest Nintendo 3DS system update is making a number of his existing games run a lot smoother. Diggeh says that Rayman Origins has been transformed from a sluggish game into a very smooth platformer. He has also tested out a number of other Nintendo 3DS games including Ridge Racer and Sonic Generations, […]

Wii U 167

Wii U GamePad Could Cost You At Least $140 To Replace

The Wii U GamePad of NeoGAF member nbthedude was, unfortunately, misplaced. The controller, which features a 6.2-inch touchscreen, was never found, so the owner ordered a replacement from Nintendo. To his or her surprise, the owner had to pay over $150 to receive a replacement – the price was accumulated from the cost of the controller itself, sales tax and […]

Nintendo 131

Wii U Virtual Console To Be Revealed During Today’s Nintendo Direct?

Based on the source code for the Nintendo Direct page in the UK, NeoGAF member Aquamarine is certain that Wii U Virtual Console will be revealed today, during the Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct. Aquamarine claims that “Virtual Console (Wii U)” was recently added to the Nintendo web page. This is not too far-fetched, as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata yesterday confirmed […]

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Nintendo Network ID Will Be Deleted If Nintendo Finds Out A Minor Is Using That Account Without Parental Consent?

The Nintendo Network ID of NeoGAF member suikodan was apparently deleted, because his or her young niece posted a drawing onto his or her Miiverse account. Because the niece wanted to get credit for her drawing, she asked suikodan to specify the drawing was made by her, a 10-year-old. Apparently, after Miiverse moderators saw the girl’s post, suikodan’s Nintendo Network […]