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Nintendo 24

Update Released For New Super Mario Bros U

Nintendo has released an update for New Super Mario Bros U. The update now sends in-game posts that you and others create to a dedicated New Super Mario Bros. U community. Nintendo has now created two Miiverse communities for New Super Mario Bros U. The new community is designated specifically for in-game posts, while the other is designed for general talk about New Super […]

Wii U 80

Luigi Won’t Get His Own Storyline In Super Luigi U DLC

Miyamoto has revealed that everyone’s favourite sidekick, Luigi, won’t be getting his own storyline in the forthcoming Super Luigi U downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U. Miyamoto says that he won’t have his own story, but the levels have been redesigned specifically for him. Miyamoto was also asked whether or not Mario will feature in the DLC, to […]

Wii U 77

Digital Foundry Gives New Super Mario Bros U The Thumbs Up

Tech enthusiasts Digital Foundry have taken a close look at the well-received New Super Mario Bros U and given the game the thumbs up. The publication states that the Mario control interface remains untouchable – thanks in no small part to a locked 60 frames per second update that never shows any sign of compromise. Digital Foundry also mentioned that […]

Wii U 117

The Best-Reviewed Wii U Game Of 2012 Is A Port

The Wii U was released on November 18th, 2012, in North America, and, obviously, there weren’t many video games released this year for the new console, compared to the existing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Based on Metacritic, with a Metascore of an 87 out of 100, the best reviewed Wii U game of 2012 is BioWare’s port, Mass Effect 3: […]