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Crytek Forms Studio With Former Darksiders Developers

Crytek has announced today that they have created a new studio in Austin, Texas, which will include a number of developers from the Darksiders franchise. Vigil Games, the development studio behind Darksiders, was closed last week when THQ failed to find a buyer for the developers and the series. Crytek has picked up a number of employees, and the CEO had this to […]

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THQ Closes Studio

E3 has only begun but not every video game company is celebrating with new games. On Monday’s EA press conference, a new partnership between the UFC and EA was made. […]

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New Darksiders 2 Footage For Wii U

THQ has finally uploaded some in-game footage of the forthcoming Darksiders 2 which is scheduled to be a launch title for Wii U as well as appearing on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The latest video talks about Death playing a pivotal role in Darksiders 2 as the main character and features plenty of exciting gameplay footage. Wii U is expected to launch after E3 in June.

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First Darksiders 2 Teaser Trailer

Vigil games, the development studio behind Darksiders 2 has posted a dark and brooding teaser trailer to get players super excited for the game. Darksiders 2 has been confirmed by publisher THQ as a launch title for the forthcoming Wii U. The game is expected to arrive sometime during Summer 2012.