Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Features In-game Miiverse Sharing


The official Japanese Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer website reveals the sharing options that will be available to those who decide to purchase the game. You can share your dainty images from the game to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and also Miiverse. However, the Miiverse integration works a little differently than we are used to. You will be able to post images, complete with a comment/drawing, straight from the game without having to open up the Home menu. This feature works on both the standard Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS and just requires an internet connection.

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Camp Miiverse Returns For Another Year

camp_miiverseCamp Miiverse has returned for another year. Running now through July 20, the latest Miiverse-themed summer camp splits campers into two teams: Yoshi vs. Toad. The camp allows you to participate in activities for games such as Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The first Camp Miiverse kicked off last year.

Miiverse Is Getting A Redesign This Summer Along With Exciting New Features


Nintendo’s very own social network Miiverse will be getting a rather nice revamp this summer on the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and the web. One of the new features enables users to save up to 100 screenshots in a private album. A new and interesting new feature is the Play Journal, which as the name suggests, is a record of your own unique gaming experiences by writing journal entries about games as you play them. To create a Play Journal all you need to do is open Miiverse while playing a game. There’s also a new look for the various communities that are found on the social network. One of the changes that users aren’t too happy about is the fact that you can only post 30 combined comments and posts a day. The update goes live this summer and you can read about and check out the full changes at this link.

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Miiverse Has Changed Restriction Rules And Will Now Apply To All Accounts On One System

Previously on Miiverse, if you violated the Code of Conduct then your Nintendo Network ID would be restricted, but an easy way to get around it would be to just create or use another one on your device– simple. Not anymore! Nintendo have stamped down on their restrictions and now if you receive a restriction from violating the rules, it will apply to every account on your system, even ones made afterwards. If you share your device with family members, that’s not good news for them. So, play nice!



Miiverse Stage Will Be Released Today As Free Smash Bros. DLC

The promise of a Miiverse stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has been floating around for a while — however, Masahiro Sakurai in today’s Super Smash Bros. Direct said the Miiverse stage will be officially released today.

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners can go to the supporting Miiverse communities to lend their support to their favorite characters — these messages will scroll through the background of the match.

The DLC will be available today as a free update.

Art Academy Atelier For Wii U Gets European Release Date Of June 26th

From 26th June, with Art Academy: Atelier the Wii U GamePad transforms into an artist’s canvas full of possibilities. The latest instalment in the popular educational software series offers 30 comprehensive lessons under the tutelage of a friendly master named Vince who takes you by the hand and offers information on concepts, theory and techniques. Artworks can be created from a wide variety of materials and tools, including charcoal for the first time in the series. The user can import and export images using an SD card, share their works via Miiverse, display them in a virtual in-game gallery and, in another first for the Art Academy series, upload time-lapse videos of their works being created to YouTube.

The Art Academy titles teach people drawing and painting skills on a touch screen that transfer to the real world – just follow the easy steps and create stunning masterpieces you might never have believed possible. Following the release of Wii U Download Software Art Academy: SketchPad – which offered budding artists a taster of the full experience – this new instalment offers a fully comprehensive drawing and painting package, with the stylus once again acting as your art material or tool and the Wii U GamePad touch screen as your canvas. By utilising the touch screen’s large surface as well as the ability to zoom in on specific areas of the touch screen, you can create highly detailed works. Gain inspiration from some of the artworks already created and shared by some Wii U users in the Art Academy: SketchPad Community on Miiverse.

Art Academy: Atelier offers a fun and interactive course of study called Lessons Mode where you follow step-by-step tutorials to learn drawing and painting techniques. The techniques handed down from your master Vince are categorised into groups called Beginner, Advanced and – a new category for Art Academy: Atelier – Tools, with the Lessons in each category increasing in complexity as you progress. By completing Lessons, you will become familiar with the reasoning behind the techniques and learn more about the masters of the craft. Of course the software can also be used to draw or paint freely thanks to the wide variety of available materials and tools.

Whether you have created fun doodles, work-in-progress artworks or finished masterpieces, you can show off your creative process by uploading a time-lapse video of the creation of your artworks to YouTube. Whether you set it to one, two or five minutes in length, the time-lapse video shows the process of creation from the first brush stroke to the last. You can also save your creations to an SD card to view on a computer, as well as view your work in a virtual Gallery. The Gallery also includes the Family Wall, where all household members linked to the same Wii U console can contribute their artistic touch to the same canvas.

You can share your creations via Miiverse, Nintendo’s network service that brings together like-minded communities from all over the world. Artwork created by others is sorted using predefined tags for easy searches and can be viewed without leaving the software. It can also be saved to the software or to an SD card for future use as a reference for your own work. What’s more it’s just a single button press away to access the Art Academy: Atelier Community online.

Art Academy: Atelier launches exclusively for Wii U on 26th June, offering a fun yet thorough course of study, a wide variety of materials from which to create, as well as multiple options for budding artists to share their works. Wii U owners who already purchased Art Academy: SketchPad from Nintendo eShop can upgrade to Art Academy: Atelier for a reduced price if they purchase it from Nintendo eShop.

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Miiverse Update Improves The Activity Feed

Tom from Miiverse is at it again and has announced that the Kyoto based company has improved the Miiverse Activity Feed. Tom says that starting from today only the newest posts of your online friends and followers will be displayed in the feed. This means that the Activity Feed will load faster, which will come as welcome news by many. This latest update to the social network applies to all versions of Miiverse.

Hello Miiverse, Tom here!

I’m here to bring you…a Miiverse update! We’ve received many requests for improving the Activity Feed. So starting today, only the newest post of your friends and users you are following will be displayed in the feed, which means the Activity Feed will load faster!

This update applies to Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and web versions of Miiverse. That’s all for today, thanks!

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