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Nintendo 16

New Iwata Asks Reveals Details About Wii Sports Club, Including Namco Bandai Involvement

The latest edition of Iwata Asks covers the development and release of Wii Sports Club, which constitutes the updated Wii U versions of Wii Sports games like tennis and bowling. The question and answer session with the game’s developers revealed several interesting tidbits about the games, including the unique “Day Pass” pricing system that allows players to play any of […]

3DS 16

Here’s The Power Rangers Megaforce Trailer Blasting Onto 3DS

Earlier this year Namco Bandai announced a new Power Rangers title for the Nintendo 3DS and yesterday they unleashed the trailer. The Power Rangers Megaforce trailer showcases some gameplay, as well as blasting you with the Go! Go! Power Rangers theme tune for added nostalgia effects. You can play as all your Megaforce characters and power up for extra juice […]

3DS 38

Namco Bandai’s 3DS Title Is Jump Legend Biography

Namco Bandai’s teaser site is no longer a teaser, as it has recently been confirmed that the 3DS title will be a collection of retro classics that were first seen on the Famicom and Super Famicom. According to web publication Siliconera, there are five games that will, so far, appear within the collection that are linked to the original Jump […]

3DS 25

Namco Bandai Teasing New Nintendo 3DS Title

Namco Bandai has launched a teaser site which contains minute information for a new Nintendo 3DS title. Originally the website featured the letters ‘V’ and ‘F’ along with the numbers ’20’ and ’30’, as well as a countdown clock. The website has since been updated by Namco Bandai to feature a new title for the Nintendo 3DS. As the countdown […]