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Crytek Says Traditional Single Player Has To Go, Become Online Single Player

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli firmly believes that the traditional single player mode that we all play needs to be abolished and instead be replaced with an online single player mode. Yerli told IGN that he’s not saying that there will be no single-player experiences, instead it could be it’s called Connected Single-Player or Online Single-Player. “I think the notion of a single-player experience […]

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Crytek Says ‘More Power Is What We Want’

Crysis 3 Producer Mike Read has said that Crytek is after more power from video games consoles, and hopes that both the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox can achieve this. Read says that the studio wants to be able to deliver a similar experience graphically to console gamers as they currently achieve on the PC. He went on to […]

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Crytek Forms Studio With Former Darksiders Developers

Crytek has announced today that they have created a new studio in Austin, Texas, which will include a number of developers from the Darksiders franchise. Vigil Games, the development studio behind Darksiders, was closed last week when THQ failed to find a buyer for the developers and the series. Crytek has picked up a number of employees, and the CEO had this to […]