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Pandora’s Tower Developer Is Helping Out On Wii Fit U

Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo has revealed via Twitter that the developers behind the well received Pandora’s Tower are co-developing the next entry to the Wii Fit franchise on Wii U. Totilo found out the news when he noticed Ganbarion on the Wii Fit U title screen. Wii Fit U is due for release in December, but there’s a free one month […]

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Pandora’s Tower Developer Thinking Of New Ideas For Wii U Games

Pandora’s Tower developer Ganbarion has told online gaming publication Siliconera that they are looking at new and unique ideas for Wii U games. The development team hasn’t formally announced that they’re working on Wii U, but I suspect if they come up with a good enough idea then there’s certainly a chance that they would consider it. Here’s what Pandora’s Tower director […]

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Pandora’s Tower Release Date Announced For North America

Although we knew it was arriving sometime in April, Xseed Games today shared an exact release date of when the Wii-exclusive Pandora’s Tower will hit store shelves in North America. The publisher has confirmed that the action role-playing game will be released on April 16th. In Pandora’s Tower, players assume the role of a warrior trying to save a woman […]

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Pandora’s Tower US Release Date Delayed By 3 Weeks?

Pandora’s Tower, the last of the big three Japanese action RPG’s, could be facing a small delay in North America. The game is supposed to be launching on Tuesday, March 26th, but an email to Amazon customers states that Pandora’s Tower has been delayed by three weeks. Amazon says that customers can expect the game to be released between April 22, […]

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Pandora’s Tower Review

Pandora’s Tower is the third game in the exclusive trio of Japanese games for Wii which included Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Pandora’s Tower however features less RPG elements […]