Are Game Freak Teasing Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Remakes In X & Y?

pokemon_x_y_hoenn_remake_hintAstute Pokéfans across the world may have given Game Freak’s next big project away, that’s according to a few sneaky references to Hoenn in Pokémon X & Y. Various screens, which you can see here, on Twitter here, as well as the one pictured above, hint openly that a Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remake could be on the cards. It’s not the first time Game Freak have thought about this either, as back in 2011 Pokemon director Junichi Masuda responded to fans saying he’d “consider” their request to remake Ruby and Sapphire.

Although this is purely speculative, remakes for Red and Blue were released on the GameBoy Advance as FireRed and LeafGreen, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver were released on the DS, so could a Ruby and Sapphire remake be plausible, or is Game Freak merely being referential? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

More Pokemon X & Y Rumours Emerge


Pokebeach, the publication that got the four latest Pokemon names correct, has received a fresh batch of rumours related to the forthcoming Pokemon X & Y. The source behind the information can’t be verified, so it’s clearly worth taking this latest batch of information with a grain of salt. That being said, Pokemon Smash will air later today, and Junichi Masuda, one of the founding members of Game Freak, will be on the show. Let’s hope we get some fresh Pokemon X & Y information. Anyway, here’s those delicious rumours.

  • Pancham evolves into Pangoro in the early level 30s. In order to evolve Pancham into Pangoro, you need to have one other Dark-type Pokemon in your party. Pangoro’s type is Fighting/Dark.
  • A Pokemon named Inkay evolves into Malimar. To evolve it, you have to hold your 3DS upside-down when it levels up (the 3DS has an accelerometer and gyroscope, so it can detect that). Malimar’s type is Dark/Psychic.
  • A Psychic-type Pokemon named Espurr (ESP + purr) evolves into Meowstick (Meow + mystic?). (Sounds like Psychic-type cats. Meowstick’s name sounds too similar to Meowth to me though.)
  • Like in B/W you have two rivals – one is friendly and the other is competitive. Your rival that is more friendly gives you his/her fully evolved starter Pokemon after you beat the game.
  • Another professor named Sycamore gives you either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.
  • Even though it shows the player riding on a Gogoat in the new trailer, players can’t ride on their own Pokemon. What was shown is just an alternate way of getting around Lumiose City and it only works with Gogoat.
  • HMs still exist but there’s a lot less of them.
  • Players will be able to see their Pokemon’s EVs (probably through the same in-game facility mentioned in the other post).
  • A new move, Belch, is a Poison-type attack that has a base power of 120. The user must consume a held Berry to perform it.
  • Draining Kiss is a Fairy-type attack that heals the user for the same amount of damage performed. It has a base power of 60.
  • If the previously revealed forme of Mewtwo can be said to look roughly similar to Mewtwo’s original design, the second supposed form of Mewtwo can be said to look roughly/vaguely similar to Mew’s design.
  • In case you missed our correction the other day, the Starters’ final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, and Water/Fighting.

More Nintendo E3 Rumours Surface


IGN forum member 100-Year-Old-Gamer is at it again, providing us with more tantalising E3 related rumours. The user has been correct with some of his predictions in the past, so it’s well worth posting them. Some of the rumours are actually feasible, while others appear a little too far-fetched. You can read his previous E3 predictions, right here.

Pokémon News

  • Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Rumble U news expected with no other Pokémon games revealed.

Game Updates

  • Yoshi Wii U is said to be a late 2013/early 2014 title.
  • Games said to be at the E3 showfloor include: 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Pikmin 3, W101, X, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.

Rumoured/Unconfirmed Games

  • Capcom supposedly working on a Resident Evil remake from their back catalogue.
  • Nintendo wanting to continue Picross on Nintendo 3DS.
  • New Star Fox title, said to be more like Lylat Wars, expected this generation.
  • Star Wars expected on Wii U as “Disney likes the Wii U so far”.
  • Nintendo titles to use NFC – new IP from Nintendo.
  • New Animal Crossing expected, but “way off” for Wii U.
  • Nintendo tried to regain Banjo Kazooie but it didn’t work.
  • A Final Fantasy remake is being developed for Wii U.
  • Games that will use dual GamePad controllers will be announced.

Legend of Zelda

  • New Legend of Zelda is said to feature a return for past races like the Gorons, Zoras plus new additional species to encounter.
  • The game is also venturing into more “RPG-like” territory without “going full out RPG”, like Skyward Sword.

Hardware Revisions and Performance

  • Wii U periperhals expected this year (to connect to the GamePad).
  • A New Nintendo Wii U is expected by the end of 2014 with more internal storage but Blu-ray is unknown.
  • A new Nintendo 3DS revision is expected, but not within the next two years.
  • Denies Wii U clock-speed increases.
  • Achievements and linked accounts said to be coming but “in a different way than anyone else does”.
  • Nintendo working on trying to get more engines supported by Wii U.

Virtual Console Releases

  • Nintendo are expected to show and highlight classic GameCube titles heading to Virtual Console.
  • Online multiplayer for classic Virtual Console games isn’t likely from Nintendo but “third parties will”.
  • Plans to release classic titles, like Xenoblade Chronicles, on the Wii U eShop is likely at some point.

Retro Studios Wii U Project

  • The upcoming, untitled game from Retro Studios is said to be first-person, futuristic and “something everyone wants them to make”.
  • Said to be working on a Donkey Kong track for Mario Kart Wii U.

Thanks, Mike S

Next Sonic Game Could Be Named ‘Sonic Lost World’?

sega_logo_sonicAccording to a listing on the European Union Trade Marks and Design Registration, Sega’s next Sonic game could be called Sonic Lost World. The game was listed on the website yesterday, where a snapshot was taken by Siliconera, detailing the upcoming title. However, under the goods and services section the game is listed as a “computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones”, as well as game cartridges, Digital Spy reports. There have been a number of rumours circulating about the next Sonic game, with the most recent named Sonic Excursion, but with seven new Sega releases coming for the Wii U, a Sonic title could well be one of them.

Wii U System Update Rumoured For Release On Thursday

wii_u_console_whiteAccording to Emily Rogers the Wii U System Update is rumoured to be releasing this Thursday April 25. Following the update, the virtual console line-up – previously thought to arrive today – is scheduled for release on Friday, along with Miiverse paving the ground on Mobiles and PC sometime this week. The maintenance report will give you some detail as to when and if this update is happening, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait for confirmation from Nintendo.

Thanks, Andys93

Could Climax Studios Be Working On A Prince Of Persia-esque Title?

climax studiosSilent Hill: Shattered Memories developers Climax Studios has been more than a little sneaky today as tech demo images cropped up of an ‘unannounced title’ with a similar art style to the Prince of Persia series. However, the said images of the character action platformer have now been removed from their official website but you can take a peek over at Gamespot, where they managed to nab them in time. Screenshots of another unannounced title have replaced the aforementioned, which is assumed to be a horror title.

Alex Ward: Need For Speed Remake Is ‘Totally Fake’

need_for_speed_underground_remake_logo_rumorYesterday, we reported that a Need for Speed: Underground remake could be in the works, according to a logo sent into EGM Now. Apparently, these rumours are entirely false. Criterion Games creative director Alex Ward enlightened fans on Twitter that the game in question was just a rumour and nothing more. Earlier today, he tweeted: “Totally fake. Remakes and Reboots? #movedon”.