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Nintendo 13

Nintendo Land Removed From North American eShop

Several people are reporting that Nintendo Land has mysteriously been removed from the North American Wii U eShop. However, Nintendo Land is still available to purchase from the European Wii U eShop. Nintendo hasn’t disclosed why the game has been removed, but people shouldn’t fear as the press release which Nintendo recently sent out said that the game will be […]

Nintendo 90

Iwata Admits Nintendo Land Has Not Fulfilled The Same Role As Wii Sports

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed during the E3 analyst briefing that the company acknowledges that Nintendo Land has failed to attract consumers to Wii U. Iwata said that Nintendo Land hasn’t fulfilled the same role as Wii Sports – which consumers flocked to play and subsequently purchased a Wii back in 2006. Iwata did say that Nintendo is going to release a […]

Nintendo 47

Nintendo Land Wii U Basic Set Planned For Q4 2013?

Nintendo is apparently looking to introduce a 8GB Wii U Basic pack which comes bundled with Nintendo Land this holiday season. This means that the 8GB Basic won’t receive a price cut, but it will instead be bundled with the well-received Nintendo Land. However, the Wii U 32GB will apparently continue to be bundled with Nintendo Land, but it will […]

3DS 38

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate And Nintendo Land Enter UK Chart

Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has entered the UK all-formats chart this week. The game charted at number ten for the Nintendo 3DS and number twelve on the Wii U. Nintendo Land also made a re-entry in the UK all-formats charts and entered in at number thirty-six. All in all it was a […]

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Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn’t Include Online Multiplayer

Nintendo Land doesn’t feature online multiplayer; however, it includes local multiplayer for up to five players. IGN asked the party game’s director, Takayuki Shimamura, why there is no option to play its multiplayer minigames with other Wii U players online. According to Shimamura, it’s more fun to have players – with different designated roles – to be able to communicate […]