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Wii U 132

Rayman Legends For Vita Gets 5 Exclusive Maps

Ubisoft has confirmed that former Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends is now coming to PlayStation Vita and will get five Vita-specific maps.  Rayman Legends on Vita includes all of the original Rayman Legends content, as well as five exclusive maps playable with Murphy, the greenbottle fly seen in previous Rayman games, controlled through the Rear TouchPad. In addition to the five […]

3DS 148

Japan: PlayStation Vita Has Huge Increase In Sales After Price Cut, Still Can’t Beat Nintendo 3DS

The PlayStation Vita has had possibly its best week yet selling 62,543 units in Japan after it was given a much-needed price cut. The PlayStation Vita still couldn’t outsell the Nintendo 3DS which sold 77,439 units combined. The Wii U is still desperately struggling in Japan as it only sold 10,021 units this week. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware […]

3DS 99

Consumer Spending On Mobile Games Beat Handheld Games In Q4

Data from research firms IDC and App Annie show that consumers spent more money last quarter on mobile games, rather than dedicated handheld games on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Gaming app sales on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play apparently eclipsed those of dedicated handheld games. The dedicated portable gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS sold a decent amount of software […]

3DS 142

Capcom Says ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online’ In Response To Monster Hunter 4 Vita

Christian Svensson, Capcom’s Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President, has told gamers not to believe everything you read on the internet. Svensson made the comment when users asked him whether or not the rumours are true about Monster Hunter 4 coming to the PlayStation Vita. The rumour stated that Capcom decided to delay the game so it could have a simultaneous […]

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Monster Hunter 4 No Longer Exclusive To The Nintendo 3DS?

A Japanese news publication is reporting that the delay that struck Monster Hunter 4 was due to the fact that Capcom wanted a simultaneous release of the long-awaited game for the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita. The reason why the game could be coming to PlayStation Vita is simply to boost sales of the device which has failed to catch […]