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Nintendo 90

Analyst Says Wii U Hurt By Retailer Confusion And Misinformation

Christine Arrington, the Senior Games Analyst at IHS Electronics & Media, says that it’s partially uninformed retailers to blame for the Wii U confusion. Benzinga said that she realized that the Wii U was in trouble when she became an unofficial secret shopper. Benzinga said that if you went into a retailer and you talked to somebody in the games department, they […]

Wii U 81

Wii U Is Apparently ‘Struggling Mightily’

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz says that the Wii U is “struggling mightily” to gain traction. Creutz is convinced that Nintendo will introduce what he says is a badly needed price cut during E3. Creutz does think that a price cut and strong key franchises could turn things around for the troubled console, but says that Nintendo’s window for igniting […]

Nintendo 58

Analyst Says Nintendo “Forgot Marketing 101” For Wii U

Games Industry International has gathered together a group of analysts to discus Nintendo’s recent fiscal report and the company’s move to appoint Satoru Iwata as CEO of the North American division. David Cole of DFC Intelligence described Nintendo of America’s marketing as being a “disaster on every single level.” Cole then went on to say that “they forgot Marketing 101 for the […]

3DS 190

Pachter Says “The Handheld Market Sucks” And “Vita Is A Joke”

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has attacked the handheld market in the latest edition of his show, Pach-Attack. Pachter admits that Nintendo owns the handheld market and that’s one of the reasons why Microsoft hasn’t released a handheld gaming device. Pachter also says that while the PlayStation Vita is a great piece of hardware he believes that the device […]