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Nintendo 90

Analyst Says Wii U Hurt By Retailer Confusion And Misinformation

Christine Arrington, the Senior Games Analyst at IHS Electronics & Media, says that it’s partially uninformed retailers to blame for the Wii U confusion. Benzinga said that she realized that the Wii U was in trouble when she became an unofficial secret shopper. Benzinga said that if you went into a retailer and you talked to somebody in the games department, they […]

Wii U 81

Wii U Is Apparently ‘Struggling Mightily’

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz says that the Wii U is “struggling mightily” to gain traction. Creutz is convinced that Nintendo will introduce what he says is a badly needed price cut during E3. Creutz does think that a price cut and strong key franchises could turn things around for the troubled console, but says that Nintendo’s window for igniting […]