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Wii U 44

Shadow Of The Eternals Project Is Now On Hold

Precursor Games has announced that they have decided to put the Shadow of the Eternals project on hold following the failed Kickstarter attempt. The team says that a number of them will be taking a break, but they thank the fans for the support they have given the project. However, Precursor says that project isn’t completely dead, but they feel that […]

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Shadow Of The Eternals Hasn’t Been Funded

Precursor Games spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness has missed out on its Kickstarter funding goal. $323,950 was raised by backers of the project, but the goal was $750,000. Despite this bad news, the team may go ahead with the project as they have previously expressed interest in doing so. Shadow of the Eternals was set for development for Wii U, […]

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Dyack (Shadow Of The Eternals) Says We Love The Wii U Specs

Precursor’s chief creative Dennis Dyack has revealed during a three-hour live stream of Shadow of the Eternals that the Wii U version of the game will look as good as the PC version. Dyack said that the development team looked closely at the Wii U and they are pleased with the specifications on offer. He later claimed that most people will […]

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Shadow Of The Eternals Sanity Systems Video

The official Shadow of the Eternals account has uploaded a brand new trailer for the Kickstarter based title. The video see’s Precursor Games Chief Operating Officer Shawn Jackson discusses the sanity system direction for Shadow of the Eternals. The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness is due for release on Wii U, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game has raised $258,065 of its target of […]

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Artistic Vision Showcased In New Shadow Of The Eternals Video

Indie developer Precursor Games revealed today a video montage conveying the depth and beauty of the artwork set within its upcoming action-adventure game steeped in psychological horror, Shadow of the Eternals, currently on Kickstarter. Comprised of sweeping vistas, dungeons, horrific characters, and highly detailed backgrounds, the newly released video illustrates the breadth of time and locations that the player will […]

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Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Project Relaunching July 25

Despite its underwhelming performance to fund Shadow of the Eternals – the spiritual successor to the GameCube’s Eternal Darkness – for the Wii U and other platforms through its first Kickstarter campaign, Precursor Games are up and ready to relaunch, and this time they are hoping they can reach their goal. Shadow of the Eternals’ Kickstarter campaign will be relaunching on […]

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Precursor Games Suspends Shadow Of The Eternals Crowdfunding Campaigns

Precursor Games, the development team behind the spiritual follow-up to the classic Eternal Darkness, have suspended their crowdfunding campaign for the time being. The development studio behind Shadow of the Eternals wrote on its official blog that they have come across a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than they previously envisioned. Precursor says they will […]

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Shadow Of The Eternals Coming To Xbox One?

IGN has gathered together a bunch of developers to talk about Microsoft’s upcoming video game console, Xbox One. Interestingly Denis Dyack, COO of Precursor Games was interviewed by the publication to give his opinions on the recently unveiled console. Dyack says that he is excited about the potential of Xbox One and appears to be considering  releasing Wii U and […]